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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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Advice: Beneficial apps for students

The apps that are being recommended will help students stay on track, get good grades, and get through school.

To make it through university, students are required to do a lot of things, beginning with worrying about getting good grades, staying on top of their classes and planning their schedules. It is no secret that sometimes it is difficult to do all that. In this day and age, technology influences every aspect of our lives.

Even college can become easier with the right use of technology. Here are some of the best apps to stay organized during college:

Study Bunny

Study Bunny is an app that is used to help students stay concentrated while they study. The app's design is aesthetically pleasing and motivates students to keep using the app for study purposes.

In order to use the app, students must enter the time in which they plan to study. Once the time is up, the user wins coins and can buy things for their bunny, like clothes and room decor, and even give them a name.

If students don't meet their study goal, which won’t give the bunnies the attention it needs, the bunny will get very upset.


ClassUp is another app I recommend for college students, used as a calendar and to keep track of your classes and upcoming tasks.

In my opinion, ClassUp is better than Google Calendar as it is more colorful, and it has more options, like writing small notes and hashtags and decorating your calendar.

Since we use our phones almost constantly, an electronic planner is a useful tool for keeping track of each task and school-related event.


Notion is a useful note-taking app that I started using last semester, and it is an excellent app for school.

Another thing about this app that is very helpful is that you can do things such as to-do Lists, which are essential for college students.

It is important to be productive in college, and this app can help achieve that.  


Desmos is an electronic scientific calculator. Desmos is a great replacement for the calculator app on iPhone, and it is much more useful. Everything in the app is easy to locate, and students do not have to worry about flipping the screen and figuring out how to input what they want.

Desmos is a top-rated app in general. Professors recommend it, and it is just helpful overall.

As stated in a Common Sense Education review, Desmos helps students who want to improve their math skills, and students enjoy using it.

These apps can help students perform better. College life is challenging, and we must find ways to make it less complicated. I know these apps will help other students as they have helped me so far.