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Netflix's 'A Perfect Pairing' is the perfect Valentine's Day movie

The character played by Victoria Justice has skills. She is a feisty wine enthusiast who struggles to gain a customer and captures the heart of an intriguing Australian.

"A Perfect Pairing" is a romantic comedy perfect to watch for Valentine's Day. The film stars Victoria Justice as Lola Alvarez and Adam Demos as Max Vaughn, whose on-screen chemistry carries the entire movie and keeps audiences intrigued.

The Netflix movie centers on a self-assured woman who finds love and fulfillment in Australia and offers enjoyable entertainment and a break from the stressors of life while appealing to viewers most wholesome instincts.


The satisfaction of her clients comes before Lola Alvarez's own happiness. She adores her position as sales director at a wine distributor, but she loathes her ruthless, patronizing manager Calder. After a recent divorce, she put her love life on hold and hasn't felt the urge to resume it, citing her hectic job schedule as a justification. Lola quits in a fit of wrath and launches her own wine import company after a betrayed colleague named Audra, who was anxious about a promotion, betrays her. She needs a major label because she only has one tiny account on her roster and wants to stand out in the market.

Lola decides to take a trip to Australia to go after the client she originally wanted from her old job. She wanted to take on businesswoman Hazel Vaughn, who runs the Queensland, Australia-based Vaughn Family Wines. When she arrived, it was not what she had anticipated. Instead of charming Hazel, she chose to accept a position as a farmhand. Lola desires to establish her value and convince Hazel that she is the best candidate for the winery position. Lola eventually learns how to work as a farmhand from Max Vaughn, which was quite an adventure.

Lola doesn't go through much growth, much less a significant storyline, because she is presented as capable from the beginning and rarely loses sight of her ambitions. The transformation is barely noticeable when she experiences an unavoidable realization of her exceptional chance despite a slight setback from becoming a farmhand. She wasn't just simply going through the motions; she was making her efforts count. Max has a more complete journey, although one that is only made possible by her presence, which helps him become more motivated to change for the better.

Being a farmhand taught Lola to appreciate the little things, and she formed a bond with a sheep she named Baa-rbra. She got a feel for farm life through this. She learned from the incident that she will stop at nothing to establish her independence and get what she wants. The audience has learned from this film that you may achieve your goals by working hard. It also demonstrates how genuine love may appear out of nowhere when you least expect it. There are few movies that are set in Australia, and the director really does a great job of portraying farm life. Because most people associate wineries in vineyards with California, the winery element of Australia is unique.

Why this is a perfect movie for Valentine's Day

A charming young actress is at the center of this predictable workplace rom-com, and the ending comes as little to no surprise. However, it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy it; in fact, it's the ideal movie to watch when it comes to watching with a romantic partner on Valentine's Day.

Given that Lola had previously been divorced, this is the ideal Valentine's Day movie since it showcases the incredible chemistry between Lola and Max and demonstrates that true love is worth the wait.

On a journey that was taken solely for work, she one day met her true love.

I would rate the movie an 8 out of 10.