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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 16, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: The fourth season of 'Manifest' is an enjoyable puzzle to be pieced together

Manifest's fourth season keeps adding clues to the big puzzle in an interesting audience-drawing way.

After watching the first three seasons of "Manifest," the release of a fourth season may make fans wonder what pieces could be added to the mysterious series.


The show is a supernatural drama revolving around passengers of a plane that the world thought had dissapeared. When the people on the flight landed safely, the world had aged five years, and many of their loved ones had grieved and moved on.

By season four, the passengers in context realize that they have been given some superhuman abilities after the plane landed, and they wander around trying to solve the mystery of the plane's disappearance. However, while doing that, they have found themselves looking at a huge complicated puzzle that might endanger their lives.

The fourth season of "Manifest" keeps on adding pieces and clues to the mysterious secret of a plane that disappeared for five and half years and returned with passengers that are no longer perceived as human creatures.

Season four makes the audience question whether the main characters will be able to figure everything out in such an entertaining way that keeps viewers around for more and more episodes.

Season highs

In this season, the passengers work harder together and sometimes against each other, which I think adds a lot of action to the show. Furthermore, the storyline in this season is never predictable, and the person who is expected to be the suspect by the audience turns out to be completely innocent and vice versa. I believe that in the genre of the supernatural drama, a well-written plot is always appreciated. Another thing that I liked about this season is that it manages to answer some old questions while adding some new ones to the list, so the curiosity never ends.

Season lows

The season starts with a big change in the main cast, which I believe the show would have been better without. Moreover, compared to previous seasons, the incidents in the new season take a slower pace making it somewhat boring, and it becomes hard to find the motive to keep watching the show.

Additionally, the settings seem to be repetitive and mostly around the main characters' houses, which kind of takes away some of the magical scenery and things like that.

However, towards the end of the season, the story becomes more exciting, and it ends with a big cliffhanger. No doubt fans are waiting for the release of the second part of the season this year.

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