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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: 'House Party' is great for a night in

The "House Party" remake from this year just made it to HBO Max. It's a worthy comedy for a night in.

The remake for "House Party" made millions at the box office and is now streaming. This remake deviates from the original, making it feel like a new experience in a world full of remakes that provide a repetitive experience.


In this seemingly modern retelling, two best friends, Kevin and Damon, throw a house party. This is done both for social media clout and to fund schooling for Kevin's daughter. Using LeBron James' house as the venue and his social contacts as paying guests, they are sure that they will get rich and famous quickly. Besides, what could go wrong?

The answer is shocking, unexpected, and something that everyone needs to experience for themselves.


This comedic film is exactly that. The characters are absolutely hilarious, and I never thought I'd hear someone threaten to remove someone else's eyebrows with a lawnmower, however, I'm not disappointed.

The movie is a rollercoaster, leaving viewers asking "what just happened?" which the characters also ask themselves and those around them. When something a little bit emotional happens, something hysterical often precedes or follows it.

While there are a lot of unreasonable things that the characters do, the story doesn't excuse a fair chunk of them. There are typically consequences for the sometimes dangerous actions of the characters, even if it isn't to the caliber that one would expect.

The cameos in the movie are also incredibly enjoyable. Even if only for a few seconds, seeing Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Juvenile were memorable moments. The dialogues that celebrity guests like LeBron James and Kid Cudi have are unexpected in unbelievably humorous ways.


The exact rollercoaster that I enjoyed is maybe not something that everyone would enjoy. I would not recommend this movie if you prefer plot over character.

Numerous things happen throughout the movie that doesn't contribute to the plot, just the comedy genre. This is something that you'd want to watch when you're too exhausted to think and need a laugh to take the edge off of your day.

Another low would be the perpetual sexualization of women and the usage of cardboard women characters, but it's a party movie, so that's to be expected.


"House Party" has earned a 6.5 out of 10 rating from me. I tend to prefer plot, but great for a night I need to just laugh. I could easily see myself re-watching this film and chuckling all the time.