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The Eastern Echo Saturday, May 25, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: Movements' 'Tightrope' is bound to pull at one's heartstrings

This song has it all: desperation, self sacrifice and a longing to be loved.

People have a tendency to want to blend into their surroundings, to fit in. This is especially true when it comes to relationships, romantic and otherwise. Movements seems to display this feeling well in their new song. 


Movements is back again with another single for their record "Ruckus!,“ which is their third studio record. “Tightrope” is the fourth single in anticipation of the upcoming album. It is the more mellow of the four. It is a mostly somber ballad about wanting to change oneself into someone that their desired person can fall in love with easily, which is something far too many people can relate to. 

Musical Overview 

The song begins like a typical piano ballad, with the single chords being played and sustained throughout each of Patrick Miranda’s phrases. Having this is a great way to get the listener’s attention, as there are very few people who don’t like a piano moment in a song. Otherwise, this song fits into the band's musical formula and the band's melancholic nature.

While that is great, the real meat in the music comes from the vocals themselves. Miranda’s vocals are yearning, putting emotion into the lyrics. This is evident in the first chorus. Miranda’s tone in this section stays consistent throughout the playtime, but it is not any less heartbreaking than the first. 

Lyrical Overview

The song’s overall strength is in its lyrics. As previously mentioned, the song is about someone molding into somebody that someone can fall in love with. While this seems to be a common theme within Movements’ genre, the way that this is expressed in this instance hits differently.

It is evident in the lyrics “And you took my breath like water from my lungs, but I would die to be somebody you could love.” The narrator in this song is saying that even though the person they are longing for is killing them slowly, it is worth it as long as they have that person’s validation. While this song focuses on the romantic side of the concept, it can be applied to any sort of relationship, whether it be romantic, familial, or platonic. Keeping that in mind, that is what makes this song so powerful. 


“Tightrope” is a great addition to this band’s discography, and an even better object of anticipation for their upcoming record, which is set to come out on August 18. 

This song is an 8/10.