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Review: Trophy Eyes' 'Suicide and Sunshine' is beautifully raw

'Suicide and Sunshine' is a title that hits the nail on the head.

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” remains a well-known philosophy that people live by. Trophy Eyes completely disregarded this phrase when making this record because everything is exactly how it seems.


Trophy Eyes is a rock band from Australia, mainly recognized for their song “Chlorine” in 2016. Since then, they have been under the radar with a new track here and there; this was until the record "Suicide and Sunshine" came out. 

Album Highs 

The main strength of this record is the two different themes it juggles throughout, hence the title "Suicide and Sunshine." The first half is dark and depressing, using heavy topics such as domestic abuse, runaways and suicide. The second half lightens up a bit, moving onto themes of love and being grateful. While not unheard of, having a split concept record keeps a listener on their toes, and whether this was the band’s intention or not, that seems to be how it worked out.

The song that really makes the first half of the record impactful is the song “Sean.” Not only is it the song that references the record’s title, but it also explains it in the lyrics “Something just don’t sit right with suicide and sunshine.” The narrator is talking about how both things should not coincide since sunshine is supposed to be a promise of something happy, while suicide is something inherently devastating. 

The second half’s strong point comes in the song “OMW.” While not the most complex lyrically, the musical aspect is one of the best on the record. It is reminiscent of rock in the early 2000s, the song keeping the pop vibes alive while bringing the thrashing guitars in the best moments. 

Album Lows

There are no real problems with the songs themselves. Each of them is special in each unique topic. The critique is that the placement of some of the songs mildly disrupts the flow. For example, the song “Life in Slow Motion.” This song is overall uplifting. In saying that, it would have been a good song to put before the final track since that side is brighter in color. 

The other place where the order could have been altered is the placement of the song “Kill.” Where it is in the track list does disrupt the second half, so it would have been better placed directly after “Sean,” keeping with the dark theme. 

In the same breath, the disruptions are not extreme, and they very well may be intentional. 


This is one of the better alternative rock records of the year so far. While it is not for everyone, it is still easy to enjoy. 

This record is a 9/10. 

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Other highlights:


“Life in Slow Motion”

“People Like You”