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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | Print Archive
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EagleFest 2023 continues despite rain showers

The rain showers could not prevent EagleFest from thriving.

While rain showers caused certain clubs to shut down their tables early, the spirit of Ypsilanti and the Eastern Eagles remain high after a successful Eagle Fest.

Organized by Campus Life, Eagle Fest is an event that aims to bring different clubs and organizations throughout campus to one place, to advertise for incoming students and staff. This year, many different organizations, new and old, brought out tents and tables to collaborate toward a collage of clubs and organizations that lined the Student Center.

‘“I think meeting all of the new people on campus was a blast. It was fun competing with the ultimate frisbee team to get more signups. It was also amazing seeing campus so lively again,” Matt Lansdale, the President of the Men’s Volleyball Club said.

One of the draws to Eagle Fest is the outdoor events. This year, students gathered to enjoy the music, activities, prizes, and games put on by the different organizations.

“I really like seeing all of my friends at Eagle Fest and seeing the showcase of all the student organizations,” Kinsey Ruffner, a senior at EMU said. “I think Eagle Fest intertwines with school spirit by encouraging students to get involved on campus and meet new people.” 

Campus Life creates these events and manages student clubs and organizations with the mission to create a more social environment for students to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

“In poetry or history class you might not learn leadership, but you can learn leadership working as an officer,” Lukas Langdon, Director of Campus Life said.

Collaborations between organizations and Campus Life is one the biggest challenges of EagleFest with an abundance of organizations participating in the event.

“Sometimes it's a mess because we know how much we have to do. Seeing the students change from orientation, some being by themselves to now being in groups and being social with other students, really gratifies the work that we do,” Julia Pleskaczynska, a Campus Life employee said.

For any information about joining a club or organization at Eagle Fest, you can go to the Campus Life office in the Student Center in room 345 or go to their website at Campus Life - Campus Life (