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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: a new and improved 'Lust for Life'

Out with the old, in with the new


“You can’t beat the classics” is a phrase that get passed around a little too loosely. So, what happens when Hayley and the Crushers, a California-based pop rock band, covers a classic artist such as Iggy Pop?


Hayley and the Crushers is not nearly as well-known as Iggy Pop, but their music is still powerful and fun. When talking about why they decided on this particular song and artist, they expressed their need to pay homage to Detroit, as it has been their home since the summer of 2022. When they relocated, they felt right at home within the hustle and bustle of the motor city. In showing their appreciation for the city, they covered Iggy Pop’s iconic “Lust For Life.” Hayley and the Crushers took the 1977 song and put their own modern twist on it, but this is not to say that they got rid of what makes the song special in the eyes of many. 

Did they do it justice?

A stark difference between the original and the 2023 version is that the instrumental in the beginning of the song was cut short, since the main focus of this cover is the rocking vocals. There is a male and a female voice, which gives the song more dimension. Hayley Cain, the lead vocalist, uses her high vocal range to emanate that of Iggy’s, and she succeeds.

On top of that, Dr. Cain ESQ, traditionally the band’s bass player, adds in his raspy vocals to assist the frontwoman. By far, the only real critique of this cover is that the borderline growling vocals do not completely mesh with the vibe. The song is meant to be fun, and while his vocals are in that wheelhouse, it kind of distracts from the overall tone. 

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In comparison to Iggy Pop’s version, Hayley and the Crusher’s spin on “Lust for Life” is a pleasant addition to the arsenal of classic rock covers. This cover is an 8/10. 

“Lust for Life” cover by Hayley and the Crushers:

Kasper Mielke is a music reviewer for the Eastern Echo. He is a women and gender studies major with a minor in creative writing. He has worked for The Echo since the summer of 2022, and has stuck to writing music reviews.