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The Eastern Echo Saturday, June 22, 2024 | Print Archive
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Snow Angel Deluxe

Review: ‘Snow Angel (Deluxe)’ is one to keep on repeat

Renee Rapp released her debut album ‘Snow Angel’ in August of this year and surprised fans with a deluxe version on Nov. 17. The singer had announced that the deluxe album would be coming in a TikTok with Coco Jones on Nov. 15 and released the song titles on Instagram a day later. 

The new songs “Messy”, “I do”, and “Swim” are accompanied by a remix of “Tummy Hurts feat. Coco Jones”, bringing the run time of the album to 48 minutes. The songs bring new emotions to the album that will make you sob.

“Making this album has been the greatest gift,” Rapp said in an Instagram post.


Like the original album, the production of these songs is amazing. Alexander 23 and Rapp are credited as the producers for most of the songs and their combination of lyrics and music brings the listener to a whole other place. From the upbeat melody that crescendos in Messy to the somber harp sounds throughout ‘I Do,’ each song brings a different production mixed with her voice to make a beautiful baby.

Lyrically, the songs are heart-wrenching. Each song has a different feeling from identity to internal crises but each one hits harder than the last, and Rapp’s voice cements those feelings into your brain. In “Swim” the lyrics “How could waterboardin’ feel so good at first” brings forward the pain of love so well, being wrapped up in your own emotions that the hurt comes later. In the song “I Do” (which personally makes me sob), the lyric “It’s tearing me apart ‘cause you don't see us like I Do”, brings that gut-wrenching emotion of unreciprocated love for someone you love dearly.


Genuinely the only low is there isn't more music (which is greedy). The added songs feel intentional and fit really well with the vibe of “Snow Angel” and adds to an already amazing composition.


If you haven't listened to Rene Rapp before, now is the time. She is quickly becoming a huge voice in the music industry, which is well deserved. If you like somber music that transitions into upbeat hot-girl pop music, then this album is for you.

“Snow Angel (Deluxe)” is a 10 out of 10.