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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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From Canada to Campus: Callum Robinson's Journey of Triumph in Transforming EMU Track's Future

Sprinting to success and shaping the future of EMU track - a glimpse into his triumphs and what lies ahead in the next competition

Born into a family where running was more than a sport—it was a way of life— Eastern Michigan University track star Callum Robinson's early exposure fueled an enduring love for the track.

In an exclusive interview with EMU track star Callum Robinson, we delve into the roots of his passion for running, tracing it back to his parents' collegiate track and field legacy.

From childhood curiosity to high school and college, Robinson narrates how he transformed running into a personal pursuit. 

"I grew to love it in my own way, and when I went to college, I made it my own thing," Robinson said, emphasizing the evolution of his relationship with the sport.

Robinson's journey into competitive running began during high school in Canada, where the track and field culture differed from the United States. Despite the absence of a formal system, he started seriously training in grades eight and nine, marking the beginning of a decade-long commitment to his craft.

Robinson's decision to attend Eastern Michigan University is the allure of superior coaching, top-notch facilities, and the competitive atmosphere of the NCAA as the driving factors behind his choice.

Reflecting on his milestone achievement of qualifying for the Pan American Games, Robinson describes the unique challenges he faced, from the unconventional timing of the event to adapting to the Olympic Village atmosphere.  He highlights the resilience required to navigate such challenges and how they shape an athlete's mindset for future competitions.

“I’ve always had a really good ability to maintain my speed. That’s something I’m going to keep using as my strength and making sure that it’s a good part of my race,” Robinson said. 

As Robinson shares the details of his experience placing fourth in his first senior competition, he sheds light on the significance of details such as reaction time in the highly competitive world of sprinting. 

“That’s always been something that I’ve known I need to work on as someone who’s transitioning down to the short sprints from the long sprints,” Robinson said. “I was mainly a 400-meter runner before, that’s something I don’t have a ton of experience with, so it's a focus of mine this year with my coach, Chris Best.”

His impressive track record includes winning gold in the 200m at the 2023 NACAC Championships and achieving a fifth-place finish at the Bell Canadian Track & Field Championships in the same event, with times of 20.52 and 20.57.

As far as his accomplishments, Robinson holds records in the 200m and the distance medley relay in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference, and secured a second-place finish in the distance medley relay at the 2022 NCAA Division II Indoor Championships.

Robinson's journey from his successful collegiate career in Canada to his remarkable performances at Eastern Michigan University underscores his consistent excellence and dedication to the sport.

“It’s the best program at Eastern. There’s a great history here,” Robinson said. “I’m surrounded by top-tier athletes training day in and day out and the coaching staff is very high-performance and goal-driven, so that’s created an environment for success.”

As he prepares for his next race in Paris, Robinson shares specific goals for the upcoming competition, highlighting his strategic approach to the race.

“Just making sure that I’ve dedicated to my team in that regard and making sure that I do all the right things leading up to the race and that I can trust myself when I get there to do what I need to do,” Robinson said. 

Callum Robinson's journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing how a family legacy, personal determination, and a commitment to continuous improvement can propel an athlete from childhood passion to the global stage.