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The Eastern Echo Saturday, June 22, 2024 | Print Archive
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Opinion: The most rocking covers of popular Christmas songs

Having a White Christmas is great, a Holly Jolly one is good, but a rocking one is fantastic.

Now that Mariah Carey has defrosted and the stockings are hung with care, it is time for those holiday tunes to blare. The only downfall in this, however, is that there are not a lot of Christmas songs that hit the modern day rocker’s quota. While not easy to find, there are some undeniably rocking covers of the hit songs that people know and love. 

front porch step christmas.jpg
Album where Front Porch Step's cover of 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' resides

1. ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ - Front Porch Step (Originally by Bing Crosby)

It is not the heaviest track on the list, but it still is a band that falls into the rock genre. Front Porch Step can be best described as emo music, so it is no surprise that they would do this song justice. What sets it apart from the original is the acoustic backing music and the different texture of voice, it being light and airy compared to the baritone that is Bing Crosby. It is perfect for the rock music fan that wants their holiday music to be mellow. 

issues christmas.jpg
Album where Issues' cover of 'Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays' resides

2. ‘Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays’ - Issues (Original by ‘NSYNC)

As if the original was not upbeat enough, Issues brings a metalcore spin on it. This version involves screaming vocals and heavy guitars to ‘NSYNC’s pure pop sound, making it something that the world never knew it needed. Issues involves pop elements in their otherwise metalcore music, so taking on this jam was the right move. This songs fits well with the people who already love the original but also wanted some rough vocals involved. 

mcr christmas.jpg
Album cover in which My Chemical Romance's cover of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is on

3. ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ - My Chemical Romance (Original by Mariah Carey)

This song is hammered into everyone’s heads the moment Halloween is over, so My Chemical Romance does soften the blow for a rock music fan. MCR is known for their emo music and having that mesh with the bright nature of the original is mind boggling. Mariah Carey’s song is a staple in modern Christmas music, MCR is a staple for those who purposefully put on the eyeliner too thick at one point or another. Combining the two gives someone the best of both worlds. 

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Having a new perspective on a holiday track brings something more to the table. No matter what anyone celebrates, these are just songs that anyone can enjoy.