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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

Nick M ·

Steel Eagle #18

The human half of the vigilante Steel Eagle, Ryan GarcĂ­a, has just learned his close friend, Angela Hawk, has been tasked by her company to make an aviation combat suit, the same suit that makes up the other half of our metallic hero. Did the military abandon tracking down the original suit, Swoop? Or have they found a solution to the resource cost that went into Swoop? So many questions face the duo that is Steel Eagle...

Julez DeShetler and Queso Tone catch up after a short hiatus due to illness and someones birthday. The pair talk about their semesters and the final big events of the year, the Eastern Echo Media Gala and Rock The Patio. The latter playing host to Eagletainment's very own Queso Tone as a musical performance, with the shows closing act Anthony Roperti a former guest of the show.