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‘Happiness can always conquer it’

Though Sadeepa Munasinghe, an Eastern Michigan University alumna with a degree in simulation, animation and gaming, has her face forced into a permanent smile, her overwhelming kindness and warm joy are caused by her genuine happiness.

Personalize your graduation themes

One of the cool things about graduation parties is that they’re completely centered on you, who you are and what you enjoy. While it’s great to decorate your garage completely green and white in representation of Eastern Michigan University’s colors, there’s so much more you can do to personalize your graduation party, not for your school, but for you.

Student-run reality show premieres first episode

Back in January, Eastern Michigan University’s student organization Amplifying the Arts, or AMP!, was holding auditions for its new reality TV show, “Clash of the Creators.” Last Friday, AMP! finally premiered the new show at the EMU Halle Library Auditorium.

Consider club sports

When it comes to sports, I have all of my father’s athletic ability (my father has absolutely no athletic ability). In grade school, I spent so much time on the bench that my teammates thought I was someone’s sibling.

New gift shop to feature Michigan-made products

Call it a revolution. Businesses like Starbucks and McDonalds are found on almost every street corner in the U.S. and expand throughout the globe to locations such as China and Japan. The Eyrie, founded by Janette Rook, is a store that goes against the grain as it remains un-globalized and is completely based on Michigan-made products.

Ypsi library hosts sustainability series

When a person goes to college, he or she may expect to become independent. In a way, the city of Ypsilanti is working to be as independent as its university students by encouraging sustainability.

Insomnia Cookies comes to Ypsi

As finals come around the bend, there’s no question the amount of stress among students on Eastern Michigan University’s campus will rise exponentially. As students stay up late cramming, they’ll be limited to the amount of food available around and on campus, even if they’re craving something a little sweet. Insomnia Cookies looks to fix that exact problem.

Geoff Larcom: More than the man behind the emails

Geoff Larcom, executive director of media relations at Eastern Michigan University, is infamous for his emails. Multiple times throughout the day, members of the EMU community can anticipate an email waiting in their Eaglemail account from Larcom. But Larcom is more than the face of EMU updates—he’s a man who enjoys just being silly sometimes and loves to dance.

TEDxEMU unites EMU

If there were a way to take the entire college experience and compact it into one day, it would be through TEDxEMU.