Germaine Smith

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New documentary explores local food movement

Too often are there announcements of contaminated food in our meat and produce sections from large scale farming practices that have been the source of outbreaks of food-borne illness.

Autism center provides services, support

Eastern Michigan University’s Autism Collaborative Center, located in the Fletcher Building on campus, provides a range of services and support for individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorders.

Local farms sprouting up in Ypsi

With the growing concerns of large scale farming and widespread contamination of food sources, the development of smaller, urban, locally grown and sustainable organic gardens and farms have been cropping up all over the Ypsilanti area for a number of years. One such family committed to locally grown and sustainable farming is the Walnut Grove Urban Farm located just south of Eastern Michigan University’s campus in the Normal Park area of Ypsilanti.

Farmers' markets provide fresh produce

With spring well under way, bounties of locally grown fresh produce and goods can be found at the Downtown Ypsilanti and Depot Town Farmers’ markets every Tuesday and Saturday through October.