Obama wants kids' minds washed clean

Of all the things Obama has done behind America’s back, giving the kids of our nation a private speech via the education system is the most worrisome. This is simply another addition to a very long laundry list of questionable, if not objectionable, ideas that have escaped from the White House.

Here’s a quick reminder of some ideas that sound good at first, but upon further thought reveal just how bad they really are: mandatory government-run service corps, national health care, billions to auto industry, cash for clunkers and now another step toward replacing parental guidance by directly talking to students without their parents in attendance.

Since I have probably already lost 75 percent of you because I disagree with your Savior, please keep an open mind for a little bit longer. I have no problem with President Obama’s goal for his upcoming speech. What does worry me is Obama circumventing the parents.

The entire reason we have parents is to protect, teach and love their children. This would include helping their child understand what is good and what is bad; and to assume any government in this world is good is simply dumb. Therefore, parents need to be involved in schooling, and they most definitely need to be involved when the government is going to get personally involved in their child’s life.

Secondly, what is Obama trying to hide? I think it is awesome our president is trying to encourage our youth to strive in their education, we NEED leaders to push a generation that is being coddled into apathy. However, if Obama does not want parents to witness what he is going to tell their children, there is a problem.

The last thing that really bothers me is the “homework” the students are not required, but asked to do. A couple of examples are: What is president Obama saying to you? And what does Obama want me to do? These are like the questions I ask myself about Jesus when I study the Bible. Now the president is asking teachers to have their students think about him in this way. Am I the only one who’s worried about this?

We have a president who is becoming more and more socialist in his practices, and is now taking another step toward his socialist goals by making the government have greater influence on our children’s minds without the parents’ supervision. Our society is already trying harder and harder to have our federal government run our lives for us, this is simply another step. The question is, should we take that step?

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