Two EMU students give confessions on recent Phelps thefts

Eastern Michigan University Police have arrested two EMU students involved in recent burglaries in Phelps Hall. The students were arraigned Saturday and bond has been set.
Lt. Robert Heighes of the EMU Police said, “Each one was charged with two charges of breaking and entering.”

The students, who are residents of Phelps Hall, were identified through video surveillance. After questioning, the subjects confessed to the burglaries and were taken into custody Friday.

“The rooms these gentlemen got into were all unlocked,” Heighes said.

He reported the students were going through the hallways of Phelps turning doorknobs to find unlocked rooms with the intention to steal.

The most recent burglary occurred Friday morning between 4:30- 7:15. EMU Police reported two laptops, two cell phones, a PS3, three video games and cash were stolen from the room. The residents did not see or hear anyone enter the room but found their items missing when they woke. The police believe the room was left unlocked.

The burglary Tuesday occurred between 4-7 a.m. as well, with two laptops, two iPods and a cell phone stolen.

EMU Police were able to retrieve some of the stolen items.

Heighes reminds all students on campus to keep their doors locked.

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