Renaming ceremony held in honor of Joseph Pollack

The renamed Edison Oakland Public School Academy is now the Dr. Joesph F. Pollack Academic Center of Excellence.

EMU has renamed the Edison Oakland Public School Academy the Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center of Excellence in dedication to Dr. Joseph Pollack.

The renaming ceremony was held last Friday at the school.

Pollack was the former director of Eastern Michigan University’s Charter Schools office; he had worked for EMU since 1997.

He died last year at 76 from complications of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Pollack was a superintendent in various districts and throughout his life. He greatly impacted EMU and Washtenaw County.

The academy was renamed in honor of Pollack because of all his efforts to better Oakland Academy and many other charter schools.

Malverne Winborne, interim director of EMU’s Charter Schools office, believed Pollack touched many individuals.

“Dr. Pollack believed that all students were entitled to quality education, regardless of their background,” she said. “Joe had a positive can-do spirit, which let you feel that anything was possible.

“Also, Joe was an innovator in the field of education, which led to his embracing of the charter school movement after a long distinguished career in traditional K-12 public education.”

Pollack was seen as a mentor to many people locally.

“Pollack was a crusader for desegregation and a mentor to many teachers. He helped to found many charter schools across South Eastern Michigan,” said Geoffrey Larcom, executive director of Media Relations.

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