A look at hopefuls to lead the student body

The ticket on the left is comprised of Antonio Cosme, left, and Muayad Mahmoud. The ticket on right is comprised of KiANtay Byers, left, and Doug Brinker.


KiAntae Byers, president
Doug Brinker, VP

Byers is a senior business management major and a Student Government senator. He is also an active member on the business and finance committee. Byers is a member of APICS, part of the Association for Operations Management, and is involved in the emerging leader series.

Brinker is a junior marketing major. He is also a Student Government senator and a member of the student relations committee. Brinker is involved with the American Marketing Association.

Byers and Brinker want to “work with administration to help increase the graduation rate by being available to all students.”

They are focused on increasing campus involvement among students, affordable hang tag pricing, enhancing resource access for students and developing an initiative to help fund AATA passes for commuters.

Antonio Cosme, president
Muayad Mahmoud, VP

Cosme is a senior political science and economics major. He is the director for political action for Student Government. He is also serving as the vice president of the Latino Student Association and student programmer at the Center for Multicultural Affairs.

Mahmoud is a senior political science and public administration major. He is the director of student relations for Student Government.

He is also the vice president of the United Nations Student Alliance. He is the former vice president for the Muslim Student Association and he is its public relations coordinator.

If elected, one of their main focuses will involve “keeping tuition increases on campus as low as possible.” They are also focused on improving recycling, parking, and diversity on campus. They also plan to “encourage” EMU to increase funding for academic programs in various departments on campus.

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