Adjunct professors to rally, seek support for union bid

Lecturers, students and community members at Eastern Michigan University will rally on campus from 2-5 p.m. tomorrow at the Pray-Harrold Kiosk. Supporters are encouraged to show up at any time during the rally.

According to the Adjunct Lecturers’ Organizing Committee’s press release, the purpose of the rally is to “create a space wherein EMU community members can gather together and send a message to President Martin that she should agree to allow all EMU lecturers to vote for union representation.”

Students from Students for an Ethical and Participatory Education are working with the lecturers to plan the events for the day, which includes a segment in which SEPE will discuss their campaign to end EMU’s practice of working with companies that employ sweat shop labor.

There will be a campus walk around, ending at the Welch Hall fountain and students delivering petitions signed by EMU community members in support of the lecturers’ cause to President Martin.

“This will be a way for us to make our presence known on campus without actively begging for anything,” Paul Horvath, an adjunct professor of mathematics said.

In addition, the rally will feature a recognition ceremony for EMU lecturers that have taught here for more than 10 years and speeches by Lisa Laverty, EMU/FT Chief Steward and Grievance officer; David Hecker, President of AFT-Michigan; Horvath and Mark Wenzel of the philosophy department, according to the group’s event page found on Facebook.

“The whole idea Tuesday is to let our voices be heard, but to do so respectfully. We’re lecturers and, to us, students come first, period,” Horvath said when asked if he was concerned with disrupting the campus environment on Tuesday.

According to ALOC, the EMU administration is refusing to meet with the union to discuss and work toward “a fair and appropriate bargaining unit definition that reflects the community of interest shared by all lecturers who teach EMU students.”

“Right now the administration refuses to even negotiate with us, concerning who’s going to receive a ballot, when ballots go out,” Horvath said.

Those interested, or in need of more information, are invited to visit the ALOC/EMUFT Facebook page or to join the rally on Tuesday.

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