Recent Fox interview renews network’s lagging credibility

Fox News takes a lot of heat. Its “Fair and Balanced” tag is often ridiculed by people of substance and people who lack it on other networks like MSNBC. Much of the criticism goes too far, but a good portion of it is at least somewhat deserved.

Our president and his administration have tried their best to avoid Fox News. They have tried their best to delegitimize Fox News. They have tried their best to win a war with the highest-rated cable news network. On St. Patrick’s Day, they failed.

Bret Baier, the 39-year-old host of Fox’s 6 p.m. “Special Report,” was granted a sit down interview with the president. A lot of people think Fox is not capable of real journalism and were expecting something of a circus full of “gotcha” questions. Those who watched saw anything but.

Baier was direct. He didn’t allow the president to filibuster and dodge questions. He pushed the president to go on the record and take a stand on some key issues. Baier relentlessly questioned the president on the procedural methods of passing the health care bill.

The president didn’t want to say he supported the “Slaughter Solution,” or “deem and pass” as it is less cleverly known, but Baier wasn’t deterred. He wanted the people to get an answer. Does President Obama support the potentially unconstitutional procedures taking place in the House? In this bill important enough to sidestep the law of the land? The president’s answer was yes.

Baier went on to challenge the president on some of the special deals in the bill. They went back and forth and the president defended them, but tried his best not to. He assured us the bill would be posted for days ahead of the vote so we could judge for ourselves.

Baier and the president competed over letters they received from average Americans. Baier used them to challenge the president’s plan; the president used his to deflect.
At the end of the day, Bret Baier, the journalist on the network despised by the left, did the American people a great service. Should this bill pass and either become law or be ruled unconstitutional, the president will have no opportunity to retreat. Baier made sure the president defended some of the most upsetting problems with the legislation on the record.

He made the president answer questions, something he doesn’t really like to do. Baier wasn’t disrespectful, but he didn’t fear the office either. He knows President Obama works for the people and not the other way around.

It was a moment of great journalism, something we haven’t seen in a while. Tough questions were asked and the president was not allowed to dodge.

It was an impressive display from the best evening news anchor in the country. You ought to take notice. Fox News might seem slanted to many of you, but on weeknights from 6-7 p.m., Bret Baier lives up to the “Fair and Balanced” motto.

This president is not without his critics. Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh lead the entertaining side while Will, Noonan and Krauthammer charge from a place of higher dignity. But critics are easier to combat than journalists.

You can fight off Rush Limbaugh, but you can’t fight off Bret Baier. If the president thinks he can continue this war with Fox News and all those who disagree, he’s going to get slaughtered. Bret Baier will see to that.

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