Police Blotter

April 4
An act of vandalism was reported from Cornell Court Apartments around 10 p.m. A laundry machine was damaged by a group of Ypsilanti residents. Tenants testified to hearing banging sounds coming from the laundry room the previous night. One witness saw the group and identified it to Ypsilanti Police. The case was closed the next day. 

April 6
A man entered Walton Hall around 11:15 p.m. He made his way to his former girlfriend’s room and beat her. The commotion was overheard, and the suspect fled. DPS was called to investigate but could not apprehend the subject. He is missing and facing charges of assault and battery. 

April 7
A drug deal at 1 a.m. at the corner of Leforge and Green Roads went awry when police arrived on the scene. All parties involved in the deal fled before any arrests could be made. Police confiscated marijuana and crack cocaine, which will be used to identify the missing suspects, from the scene. The suspects await charges of fleeing arrest and possession of multiple controlled substances. 

April 8
An intoxicated EMU student approached a group of SEEUS employees around 11 p.m. The subject attempted a conversation, which led the SEEUS employees to question the subject’s age. The SEEUS employees notified DPS, and the student was soon cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol through consumption. 

April 10
A conflict between two roommates in Putnam Hall escalated Saturday afternoon. The focus of the dispute is unknown, but several complaints were made regarding the noise. DPS arrived and quickly settled the issue, and a warning of disturbing public peace was given to both students. 

April 11
A DPS officer found an EMU student asleep on the sidewalk outside Buell Hall. The officer discovered the student was not 21 and carrying alcohol. The officer gave the student an MIP and escorted him inside.

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