Boy Scout Troops watch game, stage camp out at Rynearson

Local Boy Scout Troops and Eastern Michigan Athletics hosted the inaugural EMU Boy Scout Camp Out at Rynearson Stadium following the CMU-EMU football game Saturday.

More than 120 Scouts showed up to the game. Each had the chance to be a part of the opening tunnel at the beginning of the game and help bring the Eagles into the stadium.

One troop leader said this event was put on to “give the boys an opportunity for a different camping experience.”

Following the game, about 80 Scouts stayed to take part in a pizza party and watch “Remember the Titans” at the stadium. They also had the opportunity to meet some of the Eastern football players and get their autographs. For the players, this reminded them of their roles as someone for these boys to look up to.

“It feels good to be a role model because it brings out the best in you,” junior defensive lineman Javon Reese said.

Tents were put up, and the Scouts camped out at Rynearson for the night.

EMU has hosted Scout Day in past years, however, this marks the first time it has put on this particular event, which it is looking to make annual.

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