Column: Football has purpose in spite of losing streak

The Eastern Michigan University football team—what is there to say? There has been an ongoing series of anticlimactic campaigns that leave the fans disappointed. Already this year alone, its record is 0-3, and there appears to be no sign of improvement.

Should EMU have a football team? The answer is vaguely clear. Yes.

I believe even though our football team has failed to have a winning record in 15 years it still deserves to exist. It simply needs to be competing at a level more on the caliber of its players. Perhaps the Eagles should be given a chance in a lower division, as facing teams such as Ohio State or the University of Michigan is simply a lost cause.

Our team even had trouble against teams that aren’t really high profile in the Mid-American Conference. For instance, I went to the Sept. 4 game against Army. The Eagles seemed to put up a decent fight for the first two quarters or so, but soon after they folded. The coach called run after run. This, as football aficionados would attest to, caused the defense to run a blitz on every play. That and the team’s complete lack of consistency with a throwing game is what caused me to know that even though it might be close, Eastern was going to lose. And the Eagles did, in grand fashion: 31-27 in the last minute.

It is losses like that have made me lose all real respect and hope for our football program. I’ve been giving it chances to surprise me since my freshman year here a few years ago, but lo and behold, I’m still not surprised. It seems as if it’s only consistent trait is the ability to build up a dramatic performance, manage to pull ahead, create a positive hysteria and then unceremoniously let everyone down.

As for the promises of Ron English, the newest coach in the program, not much can be said. He promised us, the student body, that our team would not only win games, but that we would have a winning record and make a place for ourselves in the MAC. If the Eagles’ record (15 losses in a row) is any indication, it seems to be on a glorious path to success. That’s sarcasm by the way.

I feel instead of pouring so much attention into the football program, our other, more successful sports should get more attention. For example, our women’s soccer team has been more than successful enough to deserve a very broad spotlight. There is also the men’s diving/swimming team, which has been nothing but stellar.

Essentially, what I’m getting to is this, concerning sports at EMU: Those in charge really need to prioritize where we have success and where we don’t. It’s not until that happens that our programs stand a chance to really excel.

I’ve found the only way to really go into an EMU football game is with an aloof sense of humorous disconnection. If you don’t, you’re really only asking for your fan-heart to be broken. If you want to go to a football game where you stand a chance to be astounded, keep you on the edge of your seat and have you crying for joy, take a bus to the Big House. It’s right down the road.

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