EMU Student Government's first 2012-13 senate session

Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government began preparations August 19 for the fall 2012 semester, which will begin Sept. 5, at their Summer Summit meeting that included an official senate meeting, as well as multiple workshops to train new senators and directors.

Student Body President Matthew Norfleet said the Summer Summit is the first real senate session of the year.

“We passed the budget, confirmed directors and had some resolutions concerning internal affairs resolved,” he said.

Norfleet said Student Government has also been making progress during the summer, including the confirmation of a 24-hour computer lab and looking to implement a new system on campus that would enable students to quickly register to vote.

The 24-hour computer lab, which will be located on the ground floor of Halle Library, is expected to open September 10 and will be a pilot program that will be continued depending on its usage and student feedback.

During the meeting several resolutions were debated and voted on, including changing the title of director of diversity, creating a stipend for senators and changing the senate seating arrangements, as well as confirming interim directors.

Interim director applicants were given the chance to state their qualifications before Student Government members voted on whether to elect individual candidates to a position.

Norfleet said there are still at least 12 senator seats open on Student Government and all EMU students are eligible to apply.

Student Body Vice President Desmond Miller said he believes the interim director candidates were thoroughly questioned before being confirmed, and that members asked probing questions about the resolutions being considered.

The summit workshops were designed to give senators and directors a basic overview of what to expect in regards to the positions they hold, while others covered topics such as “Student Outreach” and “Office Policies.”

Norfleet said Student Government is also looking to begin holding town hall meetings that would be open to EMU students and the local community, and that he and the majority of the Student Government executive board members will be attending EMU’s Fajita Fest Sept. 3 in University Park.

Fajita Fest is a meet and great event, where students have the opportunity to explore some of EMU’s more than 340 student clubs and organizations, and is part of the university’s student orientation program.

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