‘Borderlands 2’ provides players with bloody good time

A little over a week ago, the sequel to the 2010 Game of the Year, “Borderlands,” was released. Since the newly developed Gearbox masterpiece hit shelves, “Borderlands 2” has quickly won the hearts of many, creating an exciting fictitious environment offering loads of fun that equals the weight of the “87 Bazillion Guns” said to be in the game. Even after hours of gameplay, the player still has more to do. I myself have logged in a good sum of hours and still have not fully completed the game’s optional missions.

Taking place five years after the first game, the story itself is about the player, a vault hunter who narrowly avoids death at the hands of the new villain Handsome Jack, the leader of the Hyperion Corporation, one of the gun manufactures in the game. The reason for his attempt at murdering you is because he is trying to eliminate all vault hunters (and succeeding, up until you) on the planet Pandora where your journey takes place, so that he can unlock the mysterious “Vault,” take all the loot for himself and the Hyperion Corporation and control the planet.

Through the snow you meet a funny little robot named Claptrap, who leads you out of the cold and into Liar’s Berg, it’s here you truly begin your quest. Firstly you meet the wildlife hunter and scholar Sir Hammerlock, who leads you into the world where you will eventually meet up with the characters from the first storyline.

Soon you are led to a new town called Sanctuary, and through the story learn many secrets of Pandora that have been spawned in the five years after the first game’s events. The story has many twists and turns and an ending that turns out to be more than surprising.

Scoring a 9.0 on the IGN Entertainment website is no easy task, but this vault-hunting, gun-slinging, skill-building loot fest was definitely up to the task. Through its use of new colors in the environment (which lacked greatly in the first game) it has much beautiful scenery to be taken in, and sometimes you might have to stop just to enjoy the exquisite scenery the designers have incorporated throughout the game.

Along with that, the game’s great storyline, told by the in-game gun manufacturer, Marcus Kincaid, was well-written and put together. This time around, the story flows very smoothly from mission to mission as you level up and gain better weapons and equipment, and even some of the optional missions that stray just outside the main story seem to work very well within the game, merging seamlessly into the “Borderlands” experience.

On the downside, some of the side missions can be tricky at some points, becoming very ambiguous in the directional sense of the game, then leading you into what seems to be hopeless circles and ultimately your death multiple times at the hands of the new and improved enemies of the game.

Speaking of the enemies, Gearbox has really upped the ante in a way that intrigues the gamer and does not wander too far away from the original game. In this new installment there are new enemies such as the goliaths, stalkers, loaders and bullymongs, which have replaced the skags, but of course they and the spiderants, as well as the bandits, bruisers and many other familiar freaky looking baddies return to the game to attempt to rip out your skull and steel your loot.

Using these new characters, you will be able to create a specific set of skills catered to your way of playing. Snipers, sword wielders and stealth killers look out for Zero the Assassin. As for those who love to rage it up and duel-wield, go with Salvador the Gunzerker. If you love the idea of psychic powers, become Maya the Siren. Or if you’re a fan of having a buddy to cover your back, Axton the Commando and his automated turret may be your best bet.

You can purchase “Borderlands 2” for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Mayhem awaits, bring friends.”

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