Restaurant inspectors find bug infestation at Asia City

According to a report by The Ypsilanti Courier Nov. 28, Washtenaw County restaurant inspectors reported a bug infestation at Asia City, located at 2905 on Washtenaw Ave.

According to the article, “Restaurant inspectors found a sewer gnat infestation with bugs flying around the dessert bar and in the restaurant’s dry storage areas.”

Asia City managers declined to be interviewed by The Eastern Echo for this article.

The Washtenaw County Food Service Inspection program’s website states the presence of pests in a restaurant can lead to the limiting, suspending or revoking of a restaurant license.

Reviews on give the restaurant, which opened in February 2010, a three out of five star rating based on 77 reviews.

Eastern Michigan University senior and psychology major Steven Kurowicki said he understands small things like a hair in the food occasionally happens.

“If you have anything outside of hair, I think there’s a problem,” he said. “A lot of times when you walk into a restaurant, what you see, just what the place looks like in general, kind of really tells you a story.”

From the outside, Asia City appears to be in good condition. According to the county’s restaurant inspection report from Oct. 2, pests were not the restaurant’s only problems.

The report also stated, “The food contact surfaces of the slicer need cleaning, especially the part that secures the food in place while slicing. Excess old food debris found on this surface. In addition part of the blade was not properly cleaned and showed buildup. The shelves in the walkin cooler need cleaning. They have excess food debris buildup on the shelves. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.”

“If you look at the restaurant and it just looks run down and shoddy, you’re probably going to assume the food’s not that good,” Kurowicki said.

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