Baseball club raises money for support

Chicken wings and donations were the topics of the Eastern Michigan University club baseball organization on Monday.

The baseball club organized a fundraiser to raise money to help support the club and take care of its expenses. The fundraiser was held at Buffalo Wild Wings in Monroe, Mich., and was an all-day event.

“The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise additional money for our organization,” coach Adam Kittle said. “Baseball expenses are not cheap. With the [National Club Baseball Association] fees, umpire expenses and uniforms, you can never have enough money.”

The university has also stretched its hand out in helping the ball club move forward.

“The university has given us $2,700 to start our team up,” Kittle said. “We are very appreciative and thankful. Without their support we could not have a club team.”

With the help of the university and those who donated, the Eagles want nothing more than to bring a championship to the Eastern ball club.

A strong team is one powered by a strong community, and many people came and showed their support. Kittle spoke highly of those who came to support the team.

“The people that are coming out to support us are excited,” Kittle said. “It’s a win-win situation, that’s why I set it up. You’re supporting a good cause and you’re eating good food in a fun atmosphere … Come May, we expect to be playing for a NCBA championship in Kentucky, with the help of everyone here.”

Making it to the championship will be a challenge. The Eagles have set goals and will only settle for greatness. With hard work and dedication to the team, the Eagles believe they can win it all.

“With the talent we have, our goals are set high,” Kittle said. “We want to win our league, and that’s no easy task. Having Grand Valley [State University] in our league, it won’t be easy, but we are up for the challenge.”

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