Insomnia Cookies comes to Ypsi

Insomia Cookies can bring cookies to students in the middle of the night.

As finals come around the bend, there’s no question the amount of stress among students on Eastern Michigan University’s campus will rise exponentially. As students stay up late cramming, they’ll be limited to the amount of food available around and on campus, even if they’re craving something a little sweet. Insomnia Cookies looks to fix that exact problem.

Insomnia Cookies, opening soon at 733 W. Cross St., is a cookie delivery store that’s part of the company Serve U Brands. Insomnia Cookies prides itself on being able to deliver a light snack to college students late into the night. The store will be open for students to order cookies, milk, brownies and ice cream until 3 a.m.

Insomnia Cookies was created by Seth Berkowitz out of his dorm room at Penn State University. The company has grown to 30 locations, with the Ypsilanti location being the fourth in the state of Michigan.

Renee Sarnecky, the marketing manager for Serve U Brands, said when looking for Insomnia Cookies’ next location, “We look at the area, what’s around the night scene and what other options are out there. Michigan’s kind of a home to us in general.”

Additionally, Insomnia Cookies provides party-sized platters of cookies. These are specifically meant for events thrown by resident advisors and other campus events. Sarnecky said it’s a fresh change from pizza.

“The way we work with campus organizations is really awesome. [The cookies] can be used anywhere from donating to events,” she said.

Insomnia Cookies is more than just a delivery service, as its near-campus location will also be available for students to simply relax and enjoy milk and cookies. The barstool seating and warm atmosphere are meant to provide an “at home” feeling.

“The aroma of the cookies will be there,” Sarnecky said. “That’s a cool aspect that you get hit with it when you come in.”

The cookies range in flavors from classics like sugar and chocolate chip to double chocolate mint and snickerdoodle. There are also deluxe cookies in triple chocolate, peanut butter chocolate and s’mores deluxe. As far as milk goes, they have skim, chocolate and 2 percent. There are also brownies, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and cookie cakes.

Besides the food itself, it’s the company’s disposition that has allowed it to be successful so far.
“We’re a very young, laid-back company,” Sarnecky said.

Yet, even being so relaxed, the company has been growing at about two new locations per month.
When the locations do open, Insomnia Cookies offers free samples for the entire week. All people have to do to get the free samples is go onto their Facebook page,, and print the coupons. Sarnecky encourages students to get a hold of Insomnia Cookies via Facebook, Twitter or their website

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