Snack, study event helps with stress

To the average college student, “studying” can be found in the thesaurus as the antonym of “fun,” but Eastern Michigan University’s Snack and Study, brought to students by the folks at Campus Life, aimed to fix that.

The event, held in the Student Center Ballroom, began at 9 p.m. and extended into the wee hours of the morning, finally wrapping up at 1 a.m. Numerous round tables were set with a pencil bouquet centerpiece and several small sharpeners. Students gathered in clusters to go over material or to get one final chance to enjoy the company of soon-to-be graduates.

A beverage bar served juice, water and, of course, coffee. In an adjacent room, students could snag a full plate of various breakfast foods, including French toast, cereal, waffles and sausages. One of the many giveaways during the night included several varieties of cookies provided by the newly opened Insomnia Cookies, located at 733 W. Cross St. in Ypsilanti. Among the other services at Snack and Study were an astrologer and massages courtesy of the Ann Arbor-based massage parlor RUB.

“I enjoyed finally getting a massage at one of these events because in the past I’ve never taken the time to do so,” junior Kern Stanley said.

Despite the looming threat of finals and other end-of-semester stressors, the atmosphere was light. One student even brought a guitar to the event. Even with the school year drawing to a close, new bonds were formed and old bonds were strengthened over the common interest of studying for those pesky exams.

“I think what I most loved about Snack and Study is that it’s a great way to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while and to make new friends in order to also get some studying/homework done,” senior Jahmeel Powers said. “But the free breakfast is also a great incentive.”

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