Need novelty items? Shop at The Rocket

Filled with unique, fun and collectible items, The Rocket of Ypsilanti is a one-in-a-million find.

The Rocket, located in Downtown Ypsilanti at 122 W. Michigan Ave., is stocked with humorous items and an atmosphere that makes for a good time and caters to both Ypsilanti locals and people from out of town.

The variety of people that walk into the store is part of what Tiffany Vrabel, The Rocket employee and Eastern Michigan University student, loves so much.

“It’s definitely a blast working here,” said Vrabel. “I love that you get such a wonderful variety here.”

After a year of working at the store, Vrabel still meets interesting people ranging from college students and Ypsi residents to families and out-of-towners, all with many different personalities to match their products.

Immediately upon entering, background music can be heard as you’re greeted by the seasonal items placed feet away from the door. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, shoppers can find decorations such as bendable skeletons, window clings, glow in the dark Halloween ducks and even a lucha libre mask kit.

The entrance is flanked by more seasonal items on the right but on the left is a wall full of science fiction relics including Doctor Who, Star Wars, zombie paraphernalia and Star Trek.

Those more interested in nostalgic throwback will find items covered with the faces of The Beatles, KISS, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and even fictional characters such as Betty Boop and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

To go along with all of the classics, you can purchase lunch boxes, shot glasses, water bottles and even coasters. The Rocket also has a mug to go with almost any interest.

Outside the realm of media is a “local” section of the store. Die-hard Ypsi fans can own T-shirts, tote bags, travel mugs, stickers, postcards, buttons and more. Prices vary, but start at approximately $1. The best part of the local items is that The Rocket creates the design for each of their local products.

The final section of The Rocket is the extensive selection of candy starting at $5.99 per pound. Reminisce about your childhood days and enjoy candies such as Bit-O-Honey, jawbreakers, candy corn, taffy and a mixture of gummies.

With all of the eccentric items that are available, any buyer is able to purchase trendy and affordable jewelry. Anyone who has been to the store more than once will tell you that each visit comes with a new experience. The Rocket is constantly getting new items to keep it interesting for newbies and their regulars.

Vrabel was able to showcase many of the most recent items that Rocket fans are bound to love. One of her favorites were a line of non-tearable, sound-making wallets called “Sonic Wallets,” DC Comics string doll key chains, climber photo holders and even a world map laundry bag for your dirty clothing needs.

The Rocket also has an email list. Recipients of the emails get a maximum of 10 emails a year containing information on events, coupons and even promotions.

“If you want a fun and positive experience, The Rocket is the place to be,” Vrabel said.

If you have no time to spare roaming around the store or just can’t make their hours, is available for your shopping needs. You can also check out The Rocket’s Twitter and Facebook pages. You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the newest conversation pieces before you see them in person.

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