Can anything and everything be turned into a "sexy" costume?

It has become normal to see sexy Halloween costumes, particularly for those of the female gender.
Some women zip into go-go boots and mini skirts regardless of the temperatures in the Mitten state. But this pumpkin season, there seems to be more oversexualized costumes for women than usual. and have come out with many Halloween costumes that have stirred some controversy on the topic of if there is a line that can be crossed when it comes to being too sexy.

I went around the Eastern Michigan University campus with photos of different “sexy” costumes to get students’ thoughts on the topic. Most women expressed disapproval saying the costumes were distasteful and offensive.

Some of the costumes varied from a sexy Hulk Hogan, Barney and even sexy corn. On the less ridiculous side, one could be a suicide bomber or a sexy meth dealer with a hazmat suit.

EMU student Leah Heinzelman, who had never seen any costumes like this before, responded with laughter, especially when seeing the sexy corn outfit.

“You cannot be a sexy ear of corn,” said Heinzelman. “There is definitely a line that can be crossed.”

Mikhayla Dolson’s response to the sexy Osama bin Laden costume that comes complete with a nose and beard combo was blunt and to the point.

“Some of this makes me wonder what are you on that you would actually wear that,” she said.

A costume that seems to be causing a great deal of upset from woman is an anorexia outfit. An all black mini dress with the print of a skeleton on it comes with a measuring tape belt and a name tag reading “Anna Rexia.” (See full story by Chelsea Idzior)

“This pisses me off,” said Dolson. “That’s not okay.”

Nonetheless, men seem to think differently. When shown the photos most men seemed indifferent to the over-sexualized costumes, believing that Halloween is a time for woman to dress “slutty.”
One male student simply said, “You can do whatever you want.”

Regardless of the choice to dress up like a sexy ear of corn, pizza, Osama bin Laden or even Miley Cyrus’ bear leotard from her controversial VMA performance, most female students are opting for more classic female characters.

Student Alisa Littlejohn is dressing up as the iconic Rosie the Riveter.

“I liked that she was a strong woman,” said Littlejohn.

Heinzelman said that she would be going out as the legendary blonde bombshell herself, Marilyn Monroe, this year. Other costume choices for students varied from wearing a big panda bear costume to being a Jedi from the “Star Wars” saga.

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