Forum to discuss EMU athletics moved

Al Willman can be heard every week on the Eastern Echo Sports Podcast with Sports Editor Eugene Evans. The podcast can be found on SoundCloud or by searching for the podcast on iTunes.

On Dec. 5, Eastern Echo Sports Editor Eugene Evans and Managing Editor Al Willman will host a panel discussion on the state of Eastern Michigan University football and other athletic programs.

The event was created in light of the strong reaction to our recent columns on keeping or eliminating the football program, as well as the firing of former coach Ron English.

Anyone who attends is more than welcome to express his or her opinion or any concerns about EMU Athletics and how football and other sports operate.

EMU Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Heather Lyke and other athletic department officials have been invited to attend.

The event will be held in 216 Pray-Harrold at 6 p.m.

Admission is free.

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You can also follow Eugene Evans on Twitter @GenoSportsguy, Al Willman @AlWillmanEcho and The Eastern Echo Sports Podcast @ESportsPodcast.

By Kyla Ford / The Eastern Echo
_Eugene is the Sports Editor for the Eastern Echo. He can be heard every week on the Eastern Echo Sports Podcast with Managing Editor Al Willman. You can find the podcast on SoundCloud or by searching for it on iTunes._
By Al Willman / The Eastern Echo
The Athletic Department has been invited to take part in the discussion.

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