Use leftover printing money for crafts

The end of the semester is upon us, Eagles. Wrapping up term papers and finals is a relief we all needed and the holiday break is quickly approaching.

If you’re like me, even after all of the papers and portfolios are done, you still have a large amount of printing money left over from the semester. Allotted printing money for each semester doesn’t roll over to the next – it simply disappears. If you’ve got some extra time to kill around campus in these next few days, why not put that printing money to good use? Both the Student Center and
Halle Library have color printers, and there are a lot of fun things you can make.

If decorating is your thing, you can print out pictures of friends and family to add personal touches to your school notebooks and binders. Most binders will have a plastic pocket in the front, so it’s easy to add your own photos. To add some school spirit to your binder, print pictures of EMU’s campus or logo and show your EMU pride.

With Christmas on its way, why not print out some gift tags? Gift tags can be expensive and generic, but if you print them, you can customize the tags to be more unique. Pinterest has some great options for tags ready to print in a variety of shapes and patterns. If you’re feeling more creative, try making your own tags in Paint or Word by inserting small images and colorful prints with a frame around it to look like a traditional tag.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be chaotic and difficult to get things done if you have small children around. Printable coloring pages and word searches are an easy way to occupy kids. Once again, Pinterest comes to the rescue. They have ready to print coloring pages and word searches, many of which are holiday themed. Kids love having activities to do during holiday parties, and adults love not having to pay anything for them. It’s win-win.

A calendar is another easy thing to print off. By printing your own, you can add in important dates, such as EMU events and assignment deadlines. Using Google calendar would be an easy way to add your own dates and reminders, and you are able to print right from the calendar page. Another option would be, which has a template to print your own calendar and customize it to your personal holiday and religious needs. The site creates it as a PDF files for easy use.

There’s no reason to let perfectly good printing money go to waste. Before you leave campus for the holidays, stop into the Halle Library or Student Center and print off a few things. It can save you time and money later, and who doesn’t need that during this busy season?

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