‘Don’t Blame It’ to teach responsible drinking


Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government is sponsoring an event titled “Don’t Blame It On the Alcohol” at the Student Center on Feb. 4 in room 310A at 7 p.m.

The event is geared toward teaching people ways to drink alcohol responsibly, if they choose to drink at all.

Students interested in attending the event will get the chance to ask questions about the drinking policy on campus, the medical amnesty at EMU and obtain other information about safe drinking.

Topics of interest covered during the event include some alcohol education and ways of being able to recognize the signs of intoxication. The event will also include tips on how to assist friends and loved ones who are intoxicated.

EMU Student Body President Desmond Miller said that Department of Public Safety Officer Candace Dorsey and the Director of Student Conduct Eric Ward of the Wellness Center will also be on hand to answer questions and give feedback to those who attend the event.

“Students should attend the event since alcohol is very prevalent at college parties,” Miller said.
“Whether you drink legally or illegally, you should come to the program and learn to drink responsibly and learn what can happen if you don’t. Those unfamiliar with medical amnesty should attend to learn more about the law.”

The event is free and LBC approved for students.

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