Relationships have value

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think of all the things there are to do: complete undergrad, go on to grad school, start a successful career, spend time with family and friends, eat well, find the time to work out (Work out? No one has time for that!) and a million other things on the list.

Amongst all the havoc in our everyday lives, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own little bubbles and lose ourselves in the chaos. This is totally understandable, but it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. Keep doing the little things that matter. The best actions are those that are consistent, even if they are small.

One such action we can all make is to take the initiative in building bridges between ourselves and others. Relationships formed between people allow us to connect with each other as individuals and as communities, helping to unify the global community.

We are all interconnected by the people we know, in the present and throughout history, across time and space. However fleeting they may be, the connections we form between people last lifetimes through the human experience. This makes for a truly magnified effect and attests to the power of individuals to touch and make differences in each other’s lives.

Imagine the web that forms between all of humanity when I am affected by those in my life, and they are affected by the people in their lives, and so on.

The effect is exponential and bridges the age gap, the gender gap, cultural gaps and any and all other differences that we tend to view as divisive. These bridges allow us to transcend boundaries and understand each other, and with that understanding comes peace.

It seems oversimplified to say that all it takes to address major issues is connection with others, but it’s not. With understanding, there becomes clarity of intention and mutual goals that we can work towards together. It’s like networking with humanity as a whole.

When we each serve as a bridge between others, there is more connection and more understanding; and as a direct result, less animosity. Hatred based on perceived differences ceases to exist, because humans ultimately desire the same things: love, security, happiness, family and friends – things that are based on the human connection.

Ultimately, understanding breeds empathy. Rather than scoffing at our differences, we will find ourselves respecting them and consequently, respecting one other.

You and I as individuals may not be able to affect world politics, but we can affect our own individual climates by cultivating relationships with those around us. Things as simple as having a positive attitude, an open mind and the willingness to listen to other’s experiences foster a genuine learning experience. Our opinions of others won’t just be based on our own perceptions and sympathies, but on empathy instead.

With the mentality of open-mindedness that is essential for making connections with others, you may find yourself surprised at the people who become your bosom friends.

The establishment of a human network is more than just another item on the to-do list.
Strengthening the bonds of the human network will act as a catalyst which quickens the rate at which we go through humanity’s laundry list. Opening up the communication between society’s members results in more efficiency and ease. Through these connections and our own actions, we as individuals have the power to change our everyday lives while simultaneously changing the world itself.

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