Chinese New Year Party an enjoyable and authentic experience

The Chinese New Year Party, sponsored by the American-Chinese Student Association, was held on Jan. 31 in the Student Center. It was an enjoyable and authentic experience, as well as a great way to begin the Year of the Horse.

Every table was filled, and many Chinese and American students discussed the Eastern culture.

Yilin Liu, a teacher in the Chinese language department and Ph.D. candidate, called the event “an opportunity to have a big party as well as promote our culture.” Liu herself is from China, and she stood adjacent to the Chinese cuisine board to proudly elaborate on the various dishes.

The party opened with an impressive rendition of “Chinese Dragons” by a skillful flute quartet. The music was distinctly Chinese, and when combined with the decorations and ambience, you could imagine yourself in a bona fide Asian paradise.

The Ann Arbor Chinese Traditional Music Ensemble performed next, and they kept the guests enthralled the whole time. The musicians used real Chinese instruments, all of which were unfamiliar to the average American onlooker. Along with the unique music, the ensemble introduced all their instruments and did small improvised solos to show off the individual sound and proficiency of each player.

Lastly, the night of entertainment came to a close with a soothing Taiji demonstration by the Ann Hua Taiji Club.

By the end of the last act, students were eager to grab a plate of the hearty Chinese food. There was a bountiful selection of vegetables, spring rolls, chicken and shrimp. At only $2 for a full plate, students received quite the bargain.

After the meal, guests exited the Student Center and headed towards the lake to celebrate the New Year with the Chinese tradition of fireworks – or sparklers, in this case.

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