Still can't find a Valentine? Avoid these disastrous dating don'ts

Dating is the most enigmatic and confusing period in a person’s lifetime. Both men and women have expectations and yes, they both talk with their friends about the outcome of a potential connection. But there are signs. Yes, ladies and gents, what you do or don’t do after getting those digits determine whether both your feet are on that futon in their dorm room or just plain getting the boot. Here are the top 10 lists of turn-offs for both genders while entering the initiation and experimental phase of an
interpersonal relationship:

Deal Breakers for Women

10. No sense of humor.
9. Allowing him to ask all the questions.
8. One word replies in text (“lol, :),” “idk,” “yeah,” “okay,” etc.)
7. Being too guarded.
6. Bringing up sexual innuendo and changing the subject.
5. Texting the majority of the date/hangout, especially if she takes long periods to reply back any other day.
4. Flirting with other men while at the same event, and claiming it as “friends.”
3. Talking about her ex on the first date.
2. Negativity.
1. Never believing she’s beautiful when he compliments her.

Deal Breakers for Men

10. Bad shoes.
9. Lack of confidence and lack of originality for a first date.
8. Staring at other women while on a date.
7. Expecting her to always text first.
6. Talking about himself the entire time on the first date.
5. Tie – being too available and rushing her to respond to a text.
4. Talking too much about sex.
3. Lying.
2. Lack of intimacy.
1. Expecting to score on the first date.

Men and women are different, but both have an eager urge to expand their social lives. After you get that lucky lady or gentleman’s number, remembering these deal breakers will determine whether there will be sparks or if you’re just another fish that gets thrown to the sharks.

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