EMU to honor King of Pop

On Wednesday, April 2, the Student Center Auditorium will be filled with song and dance honoring the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Two timeslots are being offered for the show, 5:30-7 p.m. and 8-9:30 p.m., to assure enough seating for everyone who wishes to attend.

“This Is It,” a full tribute show to Michael Jackson, will be presented by EagleFIT in collaboration with Campus Life, and is open and free to all students and the community.

The Michael Jackson tribute show will include both songs and dances, as well as combination acts, all themed around Michael Jackson and his career. Over 50 performers will be taking part in the show, as well as many volunteers.

Posters advertising “This Is It” can be seen around campus, and the stone kiosks in front of the Rec/IM building have been painted to advertise for the show, featuring a few silhouettes of Michael
Jackson’s signature dance moves. The paintings and posters were done in crisp black and white, to grab the attention of anyone walking by.

Bader Yousef, founder and president of EagleFIT, said he has always wanted to host an entertaining event for the community. Being a fan of Michael Jackson himself, and knowing that many people are, he decided that it just made sense to do “This Is It.”

The audience of International Student Association event “Colors in Harmony,” which took place earlier this month, were treated to a teaser of the “This Is It” show. The teaser gave the audience an idea of the dances and music to expect, and showcased just a taste of what show will offer.

Yousef said “This Is It” will have “multiple surprises” and will go “beyond expectations.” Yousef, a dancer himself, will also be performing in the show.

The decision to not charge for tickets was one that Yousef said made the most sense.

“Giving back to the community does not necessarily mean taking money from one student and give it back to another,” he said.

The preparation for “This Is It” has been a long process. According to Yousef, more than a semester has been spent putting the show together. Auditions were held back in January and since then, the cast and crew have been dedicated to rehearsal and practice.

Yousef said he is also preparing a set of guidelines for students and student organizations to use that has tips and tricks on how to run and manage an on-campus event based on what he’s learned through his experiences in creating and managing “This Is It.”

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