Phelps Residence Hall Advisors host all-night Rec/IM event

On Thursday, March 27, The Phelps Hall Resident Advisors hosted a late night program in the Rec/IM. The Rec/IM stayed open until 2 am, a deviation from the usual hours of operation on weekdays.

It seems as if the program was a huge success, even as the early hours of the morning grew nearer.

“It felt good to work out after hours,” said Nicholas Owens, a huge fan of the Rec/IM, and all sports as well. “I really think that student government should advocate to have the Rec/IM stay open longer, amongst all other things.”

The Phelps Resident Advisors plan to host more events like this for the remainder of the semester. They hope these events will provide residents with the opportunity to have fun and interact with their

For more information about events like this, head over to the First Year Center and inquire at the front desk.

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