Students denied free access to issues of The New York Times

Due to a budgeting snafu and miscommunication between The New York Times and Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government, students and faculty were denied free access to The New York times the first week after Winter Recess. But free issues of the paper will be available again as usual starting Monday, March 10.

“We basically realized we were going to run out of money,” Student Body President Desmond Miller said. “So we had to cut [The New York Times] for a week.”

Miller explained Student Government used to fund the free copies of The New York Times available on campus for $20,000.

“Due to our $50,000 deficit, we decided to fund it for $10,000 this year,” Miller said.

Previously, The New York Times was available to students and faculty in Pray-Harrold, the Student Center and Halle Library. Cutting from $20,000 to $10,000 meant empty New York Times racks in Pray-Harrold.

Now, Miller says The New York Times will end up costing the Student Government closer to $12,000 this year, stating that this price difference is small compared to the overall size of EMU’s SG budget.

“On Monday, the Times will be available again in Pray-Harrold, Halle Library and the Student Center,” Miller said.

He also said he is working to get racks in the College of Business for next year.

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