Warm up with spring fashion trends

After one of the harshest winters Michigan has ever seen, people are getting very anxious to shed their winter coats, layers and snow boots. As soon as it starts to warm up this spring, there are many trends, both old and new, that we can expect to see this season.

“Spring is my favorite season for fashion,” said Shyheim Taylor, an Eastern Michigan University apparel, textiles and merchandising major.

Pastels are predicted to be popular this spring. This isn’t too out of the ordinary since pastels usually do begin to appear in retailers around early spring and Easter time. Light pinks, lavenders and placid blues can be expected to be seen on all types of clothing.

For the ladies who like to be comfortable, but still cute, you’re in luck because glammed up sportswear is becoming a big thing as well. Sweatpants with leather stripes down the side and loose muscle tank tops with bling on them are already starting to appear in popular stores like PINK and Forever 21.

A spring trend a little bit more risky for those of you who like to stand out is metallics. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rita Ora have already given us a taste of this on the red carpet this year, but metallics might even be something trickling down to everyday wear. Metallic leggings and accessories like hats and bags can already be found in some stores.

Not all trends have to be so distinct. A lot of students are just excited to be able to pull their old favorites out of their closet.

“I am most excited to wear flip-flops,” said Kristie Cloutier, 23, an EMU student.

Flip-flops will forever be a spring/summer must have. Simplicity and comfort are always popular for busy college students and what better way to do that than being able to slip on your favorite flip-flops again on your way out the door?

For sneaker fans, spring is also the time to finally pull those out without the worry of salt and water damage from the snowy sidewalks. Popular sneakers like Jordan’s, Kevin Durant’s (KD’s) and LeBron’s are already planning for their spring releases and you can download apps like “Kicks on Fire” for those release dates.

“I like spring because I love wearing the smaller jackets. I can bring my kicks out and my choice of jeans is essential every season for me,” said Taylor.

Lighter jackets are always an exciting thing. Windbreakers might even be coming back into style for both guys and girls. Boxy, crop jackets might be trickling down from runway fashion into women’s closets as well.

Mesh details, button down shirts and full-length skirts are a few things that we can expect to be seeing people in, too. These moderate, yet simple fashions might be just what you need to change up your style this season.

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