‘Cope’ embodies slower indie rock form

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Last updated: 04/13/14 3:47pm

Manchester Orchestra: “Cope” (Favorite Gentleman/Loma Vista)

After three albums, Manchester Orchestra has come even closer to indie rock. This fourth record opens with “Top Notch,” a song that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album. The drums hit you hard and the guitar only helps. As strong as most of the songs are, many contain almost monotonous beats that begin to blend to together. Although the lyrics are strong and fun to sing along to, the meaning is drowned out because the music doesn’t leave you room to listen. Individually, the songs stand out much more and with feeling infused heavily into many of them. About half the tracks from “Cope” embody this deeper, slower form of indie rock that has you swaying your head after a little while. Manchester Orchestra have made four albums now, and still have us waiting for their best. If you’re looking for indie rock, this album is a good bet. Just take it one song at a time.
Grade: B MINUS*

Published Apr 13, 2014 in Life

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