Good food, friendly atmosphere at STUFD

STUFD offers quick, behind-the-counter service.

If you haven’t stopped by Ypsilanti’s newest burrito joint, STUFD, you are missing out. You’ll come for the food, but you’ll stay for the atmosphere.

Their feature item, the STUFD burrito, is 12 inches long. I challenge anyone to polish it off solo, but it’s the perfect size for two people. At just over $10, splitting a STUFD burrito with a friend is a cheaper alternative to the smaller individual portions at Chipotle or Qdoba.

Owned and operated by Joel Hamami and Zack Ruthven, two former Eastern Michigan University students, STUFD is the perfect college town burrito joint.

“We’ve been planning this for a couple of years now,” Hamami said. “We wanna just become a part of the community, we want to support the community. I’m born and raised in Ypsilanti”

According to Hamami, all of the recipes are original and the food is prepared by hand.

“We have been working on [the recipes] together for a long time now trying to get out all of the kinks and make it perfect,” Hamami said.

Hamami said he hopes STUFD becomes a permanent and well-known part of the Ypsilanti community.

“[It’s] great food for a college price and a fun environment” Ruthven said. “It’s an extremely awesome place to just come study – kind of the dinner version of a coffee place … you can come here and just hang out if you want to.”

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