Student government election results on hold

SG President Desmond Miller (Left) and write-in candidate Fatma Jaber (Right)


The Senatorial and Presidential elections for Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government ended on March 27, but a winner of the Presidential election has yet to be declared due to ongoing campaign investigations.

“The Election Commission understands that candidates and the student body are eager to learn the results of the election for Student Government President and Vice President,” Nto Agbor, Chair of the 2014 Election Commission and Speaker of the Senate said via email. “The Commission is undertaking a fair and thorough investigation into matters related to the election. This investigation is important, but we are working to complete the investigation as soon as possible in order to provide information to the students. We appreciate your patience.”

The Election Commission is made up of students, some of whom serve on student government and some who do not. The commission is established before the student government election takes place.

“The election commission is committed to a fair and thorough process and at the end of this process they will provide ample [information] to the Eastern community,” Leigh Greden, EMU Vice President of Government and Community Relations said.

The university community has already been told the results and Student Senatorial elections, but the results of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election remain in limbo.

After 3,063 votes were cast for the 2014 Student Senatorial election, the results for the election for Student Government Senator are as follows:

Fatma Jaber: 1470
Trevis Harrold: 723
Brett Foster: 516
Aimee Frey: 496
Derek Miceli: 468
Maya Rich: 427
Kiera Fegan: 420
Keven Sommerville: 418
Kellie A. Majcher: 417
Annold Vishi: 415
Ilkhom Amanov: 407
Carl Matherly: 399
Luis Fabian: 366
Tiffany Ozog: 361
Joseph Pernicano: 353
Ahmed Abuzoor: 344
William McDonald: 338
David Konarske: 322
Trevor Nwagwu: 295
Brianna L. Moore: 284
McQuail Ross: 229
Brialle Ringer: 33 (valid write-in candidate)
Amir Khalid: 7 (valid write-in candidate)

Since there were 24 open Student Senatorial seats for the 2014-15 year, all 23 of these candidates will serve as Student Senators.

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