News Briefs

Water main breaks

Wednesday morning, contractors working on a six-inch water pipe supplying water to Warner Gymnasium, accidentally caused the pipe to burst, flooding the ground floor level of the building.

A portion of the Bowen Field House track closed resulting from the accident. The water was stopped by Physical Plant plumbers in less than twenty minutes after being notified of the accident.

According to Mike Monarch, the Manager of Maintenance and Operations at the Physical Plant, the damages are still being measured and as such, the cost of repairing the damage is not yet known.

“The project work and clean up will proceed concurrently,” Monarch said. “As such, it is anticipated that the delay to the project will be minimal (one day or less).”

The Club House pool was also closed but reopened by 5:00. No injuries were reported.

Woman shot outside apartment

An Ypsilanti woman, shot outside Forrest Knoll/Arbor Manor Town Homes, was hospitalized Saturday morning. The victim incurred a non-life threatening gunshot wound to her thigh.

The shooting may have been related to a party being thrown in the housing complex.

University Green completes security upgrade

University Green Apartment’s announced Wednesday, it has completed its upgrade in security. Six months ago, EMU Football player Demarius Reed, 20, was found dead in the stairwell of the complex.

The $140,000 investment includes thirty-six surveillance cameras. The cameras will be accessible by the police and will cover the roads around the complex.

University Green is also in the process of installing eleven call poles for residents who are in trouble.

The apartments will also be employing a security guard who will patrol eight hours a night, every day of the week “during random hours from dusk to dawn.”

Paragon Properties, the company that purchased University Green just two weeks before Reed was murdered, made assurances in a press release that it is committed to the safety of its tenants.

Witness intimidation charges dismissed

Charges of witness intimidation against Jarrell Montez Broadnax, in regards to the Demarius Reed murder trial, have been thrown out.

Washtenaw County Trial Court Judge Donald Shelton ruled that Broadnax’ posting of pictures of witnesses who testified against Ed Thomas and Kristopher Pratt, the two 20-year-old men accused of robbing and killing Reed to social media sites with labels like “snitches” was within his first amendment rights.

“Even mean-spirited and despicable speech is protected,” Shelton said.

Washtenaw County Assistant Prosecutor Nimseh Ganatra said this was a serious threat to the well-being of both witnesses considering the violent crime laden area in Detroit the witnesses reside.

Provider for Eagle Careers files for bankruptcy

The provider for EMU’s Eagle Career System, Experience, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. At this time Eagle Careers is fully functional, but the future status of the service is not currently known.

The University Advising and Career Development Center urges all users to save any key documents, such as resumes, uploaded to the site.

Crystal Walrath, Assistant Director of the Advising and Career Development Center, said EMU expects the site to remain operational through much of the bankruptcy process and is looking at its options in the event it shuts down.

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