Romantic ways to enjoy summertime in the city

The weather is warming up and people are ready to create loving and fun memories with their special friend or meet someone new. With love swirling around in the air along with a fresh breeze to add its sweet coolness, the perfect place to be is out in the city letting its beauty take you away.

For the lovers who want to share a quiet evening and bask in each other’s presence, consider going to a cozy restaurant like Bakers Keyboard Lounge. In the beautiful lounge, located on 8 Mile Road and Livernois in Detroit, is the epitome of jazz and soul food. There is a live band that plays the soft hypnotic notes of jazz every night, making everyone in the place want to do a nice sultry two step with their dates. Not to mention the drinks are strong and tasteful, giving everyone their money’s worth. Bakers Keyboard Lounge has been around for years and judging from the raves and exciting rants I’ve heard Detroiters it is worth a visit.

Not into jazz, soul food or alcohol? Not even in the Detroit area? Try taking a visit into Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is a city full of fun and adventure.

The Crazy Wisdom Tea Room is full of relaxation, delicious appetizers and sweet treats, and an unlimited amount of tea. The Crazy Tea room serves at least a 100 varieties of tea that go beyond what is sold at Starbucks or your local grocery store. You have Japanese green teas, Roobios, Matè and some fruit tea blends that taste as fresh the fruit hanging from the tree. Also, just like Bakers Keyboard Lounge, the Crazy Tea room has live music on the weekends along with poetry and written word performers.

For those who are single and yearning for excitement, Downtown Detroit has bars and restaurants that are ready to play cupid with their dimmed lights, sultry ambiance and drinks that only aim to please.

Cliff Bell’s is a great place for singles to be on a late Friday and Saturday. Cliff Bell’s has a menu filled with food you can’t find anywhere else and drinks you won’t forget. Their most famous food and drink combo is their Shiro Miso Riosotto with Roasted Mushrooms & Candied Ginger and the Americano. This combination is sure to make your belly swell and tap your feet with happiness. Cliff Bell’s restaurant has a 1930s inspired lavish and charm, live music that brings turns the quiet restaurant into a place filled smiling faces and dancing bodies, it is worth a visit.

There are many places to have fun by yourself or bring along a friend. For more information visit This website will be loads of help to find places and show you reviews.

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