Summer barbecue side dish: Layered Salad

Layered Salad

What you’ll need for a larger sized dish:

6 boiled eggs
1 package of bacon (or 3 bags of bacon pieces)
1 can water chestnuts
1 jar or bottle of mayonnaise (Hellmann’s works best)
1 bag frozen sweet peas
2-3 tomatoes
Rectangular dish to hold it all in.

• Boil your eggs. Once cooled, mash them up with a fork. The mixture should be yellow and fluffy.
• Fry the bacon, crispy is best. Crumble it up.
• Drain the water chestnuts.
• Chop up your lettuce into thin pieces.
• Dice your tomatoes.

1. In your dish, spread out a layer of lettuce. Cover the bottom and make it as even as possible.
2. Scatter your water chestnuts.
3. The next layer is your frozen peas.
4. Spread the mayonnaise over the peas, like before make it an even coat.
5. Spread your crumbled eggs in a even layer.
6. Next is the bacon. You can either fry up the bacon or use the precooked bacon pieces.
7. Finish it off by adding your tomatoes.

Cover and put in fridge. It’s best to wait about half an hour for everything to be the same temperature. To serve, just cut and lift with a spatula.

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