Celebacy could be the new sexy

Since the early decades of the 20th century, women have evolved from being meek, soft spoken and being private about what intimate things they have done with their husbands. In today’s generation of the “new woman,” they have been put into a category of being overly and openly sexy, not knowing their worth and defiling their temple.

The body of a woman is a precious thing, and what she possesses between her thighs is a gift – not a consolation prize to be given to an unfit contender. A young woman believes that the most powerful thing that she can do is share her body with someone having hopes to gain something in return. If these young girls are using their bodies thinking that this will get them love, power or fill a void, then they truly don’t know how powerful sharing their bodies are.

What needs to be embedded into the minds of these young women is that they are beautiful, and they have so much more to share then their sexuality and they are worth the wait no matter how long it is. There are many factors that contribute to a woman choosing to frivolously share her body.

The first step is redesigning what it means to be a woman. Women have been put into a box and have let labels determine whom they should be and how they should act. Today’s women are influenced by vulgar lyrics written by women who promote promiscuity and women on television who promote sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry with pride.

The second step, which will be a hard one, is taking a vow of celibacy. Becoming celibate will give women of all ages a chance to reconnect with themselves spiritually, and gain an understanding of how precious they are.

Lust is a hard deadly sin to ignore but when you begin to share parts of your body that you can’t get back it is time to reevaluate what is more important – your worth.

Women should be able to embrace their sexuality without having to share their bodies. Embracing your sexuality doesn’t mean you have to have engage in sex. By women staying true to themselves, sharing their body with someone who is worthy of that gift is embracing not only their sexuality, but also embracing themselves. Women should also still be considered sexy without having to dispose of their morals and underwear.

When a woman puts forth her values and shares intimate parts of her soul and is able to be vulnerable, that is something that makes her beautiful. A woman finds confidence when she is able to be independent and exude strength. When a woman can turn heads when she walks into a room fully clothed with her head held high – that makes her sexy.

What woman should consider is changing the rules by taking back our power and protect our gift. Celibacy is not only the new sexy it is also a journey worth taking.

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