Business students pioneer pizza app

Students from the Master’s Degree Program in Integrated Marketing Communications at Eastern Michigan University achieved multiple awards in a contest for Domino’s Pizza by creating an order-driven application for smartphones.

The EMU student team achieved a second place silver medal for Pure Ingenuity was led by Advisor David Marold, with students Jamie Boyer, Kenyatta Bynoe, Melissa Cohen, and Molly Davis.

EMU students receiving a third place bronze medal were led by Matthew Sauber with student members Carey Chesney, Naomi Allen, Jamie LaRose, and Mary Beth Ronayne-Matherly.

The Honorable Mention Team for Media Plan was JJFP Communications, also advised by David Marold with student team Fredrica Crowe, Jason Dolder, Johnny Mason, and Patricio Uribasterra.
The app creates a direct and interactive channel for Domino’s customers via social media, e-mails and websites to increase the number of orders Domino’s is able to fill.

“Every week each team member would work on a specific section and since our team had diverse professional backgrounds, we would each work on sections that came more naturally to us based on our fields of employment,” Jamie Boyer, the captain of the second place team, said.

Boyer’s team outlined sections that included working on marketing strategies, campaign objectives and media objectives to properly target the correct markets. The project took the team about seven weeks to accomplish.

“I am very lucky that my teammates and I are all passionate about the master’s degree that we are pursuing,” Boyer said. “Everyone put forth a great effort to output a top notch campaign.”

David Marold, an advisor to the EMU teams, said they provided a marketing proposal, a PowerPoint summary of the presentation to executives and a video of a mock commercial.

“The experience allowed us to engage with each other and work with a live company bringing our ideas alive,” said Molly Davis. “Being rewarded for our collaboration and hard work in such a large competition is humbling and gives us confidence that we are gaining much knowledge from our program.”

The Master of Science program in Integrated Marketing Communications provides real world experiences, which help prepare students for the business world and focus on marketing as a precise section of business.

“It is the kind of experience which makes EMU students more valuable to employers,” said Marold.

The College of Business is also offering an undergraduate class this coming fall (MKTG 444), which features next year’s Marketing Edge ECHO Challenge with participating collaborative company Direct TV.

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