Criminal justice majors given new options

Criminal justice majors at Eastern Michigan University will now have more options than ever in getting their degrees.

EMU and Schoolcraft College signed an articulation agreement in June, which will allow students from both colleges to acquire credits in either college in preparation for their careers. This articulation agreement applies to both criminology majors and criminal justice majors.

“We’re excited about offering this articulated program because there has been so much interest expressed by Schoolcraft students,” Patricia Cygnar, EMU’s director of community college relations said in a press release.

Students will be able to articulate up to 86 credit hours from either institution. To graduate from EMU with either degree students must have 124 credit hours. This is a multidisciplinary project for students in legal studies, law enforcement, corrections or criminal justice administration.

Gerald Champagne, an associate dean of public safety at Schoolcraft, said that the program came abozut because both colleges noticed that it would better facilitate students.

“The typical progression for the student would be to start their program at Schoolcraft College to obtain an associate degree first,” Champagne said. “So the student would have some marketable credentials and then proceed to the four year institution of EMU to further their marketability and their college experience.”

Schoolcraft is less expensive than EMU. According to Schoolcraft’s website, they charge $93 a credit hour for Michigan residents, about $180 less than what EMU charges a credit hour. Eastern is charging $274.80 a credit hour this semester.

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